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Dereck and Dora Albin

To introduce myself, my name is Dereck and I'm married to my lovely wife Dora, of whom I've been married to for 33 years. We have four children, three boys and one girl. We would sincerely like to express our gratitude for the privilege of getting to know the staff and our doctor, Dr. Jay Miller of Advanced Spinal Care. We came to encounter his practice in the spring of 2002, after being involved in an automobile accident having two of our sons in the back seat and we were rear-ended. We all received neck and upper shoulder injuries ranging from mild to moderate, which left us with headaches and pain. We decided to seek help through Chiropractic, but we knew of none. We went to the yellow pages and found an advertisement that promised gentle and effective relief. The word gentle was very welcomed because my wife wasn't looking for additional pain, as she was hurting so much already. He and his staff were friendly and showed absolute concern. After we went through individualized treatment plans, we were on the way to recovery. Even problems that were already there prior to the accident were addressed, such as myself. I had suffered from an old neck injury on a trampoline several years before. Headaches had been a norm for me for several years, occurring several times a week. He kept me under a close therapy regiment showing concern and would actually thank me for making the time to come in. I soon got off all over-the-counter pain medications and allowed him to do what he knows best. That was one of the biggest blessings in my life, to live without neck pain and headaches. I had been under a neurologist's care in the past for headaches, who treated my headaches with medications. The only thing this did was cause me to be slow and have a feeling of being carefree. My wife would comment how I used to be so sharp and quick-minded. So when Dr. Jay started using the technique of applied kinesiology and therapy without the use of any medications, I was thrilled. This technique has contributed so much to my family and friends' quality of life and wellness.

Another outstanding testimony is of our son Joshua. He had, since a toddler, experienced issues with his ears and sinuses. He had five sets of PT tubes and surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. At this time in 2002, he was now 14 yrs. old. My wife one day, during one of her visits, asked Dr. Jay could he possibly help Joshua with his sinuses. She explained how serious it would get during allergy seasons, and how the ENT doctor had him on nasalcort and claritin, and also constantly on antibiotics. She explained how this was just an ongoing prescription that covered the symptom but never stopped the flare-ups from happening. He responded by telling her that he had helped others with allergies before and felt he could help Joshua too. Through chiropractic care, which included applied kinesiology, Joshua responded very well. Soon, he was off all medications and started experiencing the changes of the seasons without any allergic reactions. He still has to go to his ENT doctor due to wax build-up, and to have his ears checked and cleaned. This is to help keep his hearing aids working well and to get optimum reception with them. At one of the visits during allergy season, his doctor was amazed to find he was doing so well without being on all the medications. We told him how he has been under chiropractic care, and how well Joshua's health has improved. He stated that whatever you're doing, to keep it up, for it is certainly working well for him. Our family has now experienced chiropractic care in such a way, that has changed the way we seek wellness for our family and friends. We would hope that our testimonies of chiropractic care would encourage others to experience this wonderful gift to humanity also.


Dereck and Dora Albin Pumpkin Center

Bubba and Patsy Palmer

"I have been suffering with pain from my lower back and sacroiliac. I have had back surgery, acupuncture, epidurals, and anything that I would hear about and nothing really helped until a friend told me about Dr. Jay Miller. Dr. Jay has me in a position now that I can do all my duties without pain. After a few visits with Dr. Jay, I was doing so good that my wife asked if he could help her with fibromyalgia. She started to go to Dr. Jay and received so much help with her pain. Both my wife and I can't say enough about how much better we feel now that we see Dr. Jay on and off as we need for relief of pain. We recommend Dr. Jay for anyone suffering with pain from the lower back, sacroiliac, or fibromyalgia."

- Bubba and Patsy Palmer

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